JTEKT ultra-precision bearing PRECILENCE started mass production

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JTEKT and DAIBEA Co., Ltd. jointly developed the super precision bearing "PRECILENCE®*1" and started mass production.

In response to the rapidly changing market environment and growing customer demand, based on the JTEKT Group’s global strategy, we have created a high value-added product that can serve various industries—the bearing "PRECILENCE®" with the highest precision.

Note: *1 PRECILENCE®: Registered trademark of our company and DAIBEA Co., Ltd.

1. Development background

Since the bearings on the machine tool spindles need to have good precision and availability, such products are generally suitable for the German DIN standard "P4S" accuracy class.

In recent years, the demand for high precision of machine tools has been increasing. JTEKT has started to develop bearings that exceed traditional products*2 in terms of accuracy, service life and quiet performance. DAIBEA's Izumi branch factory successfully manufactured bearings with the same accuracy as the German DIN standard "P4S" and "P2" bearings that can achieve "highest precision" rotation.

*2 General commercial P4S products

PRECILENCE® is an ultra-precision bearing brand that combines PRECISION (precision) and SILENCE (silence). We will continue to promote the development of this series of products in the future.



2. Features of the new product ("P2" bearing)

The "P2" bearing achieves the five basic performances of the bearing at a high level, namely "high precision rotation", "silent rotation", "fast rotation", "light rotation", and "long rotation".

①High-precision rotation (accuracy)

By improving the accuracy of each part of the bearing, the effect of achieving rotation accuracy is 4 times that of the current product.

② Silent rotation (silent performance)

Improve the smoothness of the rolling surface, the dynamic performance of the ball and cage has been improved to reduce shaking and vibration, and its vibration value is about 50% of the current product.

③Rapid rotation (high speed)

By adopting new strong and tough high-nitrogen stainless steel in the orbiting ring, the maximum speed has been increased by about 30% compared with general bearing steel products.

④ Light rotation (low torque)

Compared with the current product, some resistance factors of rolling motion are eliminated, and the rotation torque is reduced by about 30%.

⑤Long time rotation (long life)

Instead of using small-diameter ceramic balls that are advantageous for high-speed rotation, large-diameter ceramic balls are used to increase the life of the current product about twice.


[5 basic performance comparison]

3. Actual results when assembling the spindle

①Improvement of assembly performance and rotation accuracy

The rotation accuracy of the bearing is very high, so there is no need to adjust the phase of the maximum position of radial vibration, the vibration accuracy of the spindle hardly needs to be adjusted, and the amount of shaft runout is ≤1μm.

②Reduce shaft runout during high-speed rotation

At a speed of 30,000 min-1, the amount of spindle runout is reduced by half compared with the spindle assembled with the current product.

③Increase the speed

Compared with the current product, the maximum speed has been increased by 35%.


[What is the DIN standard? 】

It is the national standard of the Federal Republic of Germany established by the German Standards Association and is widely used not only in Germany but also internationally.


[Comparison of DIN 620 and JIS1514 grades]

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Source: JTEKT