Leaders of Wuxi Enterprise Confederation/Entrepreneur Association visited Wuxi Huayang Rolling Bearing Co., Ltd.

2020-04-27 14:24:26 海宁奇晟轴承有限公司 Viewd 1014

On April 9th, Lin Guozhong, Chairman of Wuxi Enterprise Confederation/Entrepreneur Association, Yin Chen, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Wuxi City, etc. paid a special visit to Wuxi Huayang Rolling Bearing Co., Ltd., the vice-chairman unit of the Association, to get to know the group The situation of the anti-epidemic resumption of production, and cordial condolences to the company’s chairman Wang Fujin and the company’s employees.

During the visit, Chairman Wang introduced the company's epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production. Based on the concept of being worthy of employees, worthy of the company, worthy of the government, worthy of the society, the company puts anti-epidemic and resumption of production in the first place. It will deploy preparations on January 27, and the first batch of work will resume on February 10, and the resumption of production on March 15 will reach the highest level in history. Yield. Companies focus on protecting foreign trade and key customers, so that their customer base is basically not affected by the epidemic. Enterprises invested in new intelligent chemical factories and actively promoted the deep integration of automation and informatization, which led to a substantial increase in sales. After the resumption of work, the new factory will expand its capacity and production, and the old factory will adjust its production management to ensure that it achieves its annual production and operation goals.

Chairman Lin fully affirmed the effectiveness of the company’s efforts to fight the epidemic and development, and highly praised Chairman Wang, an outstanding entrepreneur in Jiangsu Province. During the epidemic, he used a keen vision, took precautions, responded early, and made careful arrangements to lead the company in fighting the epidemic. Resuming work, focusing on resuming production and meeting standards on the one hand, focusing on intelligent production expansion on the other hand, and using "intelligent manufacturing" to induce transformation, improve the ability of enterprises to respond to risks, and enable old enterprises to burst with new vitality, and also demonstrate that old entrepreneurs are always young and brave to take responsibility. Family spirit. Leaders at all levels are now paying more attention to the development of service enterprises and the role of entrepreneurs. The association will continue to build a bridge between government and enterprise, enterprise cooperation, build a home for enterprises and entrepreneurs, vigorously promote excellent entrepreneurship, and continue to work with enterprises through storms and stresses, and jointly contribute to the victory of the epidemic and high-quality development.