R & D Field

Innovation is the most powerful engine for enterprise development and progress. The company relies on digital "highway" transformation and upgrading, and intelligent manufacturing empowerment. With the Made in China 2025 plan as the benchmark, we will promote the transformation of manufacturing to creation, speed to quality, and product to brand. Talent is the primary productive force for the development of an enterprise. The company has a vigorous, hardworking and innovative team. A group of people, one thing, one mind, work together, and they will win. Gaoshan people are the peak, do not forget the original aspiration, take responsibility, create value with the team, win the market with customers, and share the future with technology!

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Smart Manufacturing

The company’s technical center has domestic advanced automatic production lines and precision testing instruments with Italian Marposs active measurement, Japanese FANUC, Mitsubishi control systems, THK ball screws, etc., and a high-quality R&D team dedicated to precision bearing Research and development, the product precision reaches P5, P4 level, some products replace imported products, with high precision, convenient use and maintenance, low cost, short delivery cycle, high cost performance and other characteristics. In particular, the corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, heavy-duty, and long-life series bearings developed in recent years have solved the urgent needs of users and greatly improved the status and image of the ZJQSZ brand in the use of enterprises. The company has always been committed to manufacturing high-quality products, providing users with better cost-effective solutions with advanced and applicable technology, stable and reliable products and professional and thoughtful services.