NSK solves the repetitive failure of machine tool spindle bearings

2018-06-23 11:36:34 海宁奇晟轴承有限公司 Viewd 928


NSK has solved the problem of recurring spindle bearing failures in four CNC machining centers at a leading automotive industry supplier factory. Given the bi-weekly failure rate of spindle bearings, the program now saves 32,880 euros per year.

In order to investigate the cause of the failure, NSK needs to investigate the entire application and maintenance process. NSK experts observed the installation method of the maintenance department and found that the main problem came from the incorrect operation of the ultra-precision angular contact ball bearing.

NSK ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings have the characteristics of long life, high precision and low noise, and are suitable for high-speed machine tool spindles.

The correct installation of bearings is essential for the optimal operation and continuous maintenance of industrial machinery. The right training and the use of the right tools are very important. With this in mind, NSK has conducted comprehensive training for the company's maintenance personnel, including installation and disassembly skills and recommendations on replenishing bearing grease. No other problems occurred after the training, and the bearing life was extended from two weeks to six months, which significantly reduced costs.

Consider the bearing failure every two weeks (four machines), as well as the cost of replacement and downtime. After NSK's investigation and research and improvement, only two bearing replacements are required per year, which is equivalent to saving 32,880 euros per year.

Ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings use NSK patented ultra-high purity and advanced materials, so they have a longer life. In addition, the low noise characteristics make it an ideal choice for quietly running high-speed spindles on many modern machine tools. There are a variety of cages and seals to choose from.