NSK releases the latest rolling bearing catalog

2018-06-23 11:37:12 海宁奇晟轴承有限公司 Viewd 867


European rolling bearing users can now take advantage of the latest edition of key industry resources-NSK's revised and updated rolling bearing catalog. This rolling bearing catalog has more than 700 pages and is available as an online e-book and a printed version.

Rolling bearings are the main component of the entire machinery, equipment and system industries. With the European NSK offering thousands of types of products, almost every product is included in the latest rolling bearing catalog.

In the catalog, users can find a lot of technical information, including explanations of different rolling bearing types and characteristics, as well as selection criteria based on dimensions, speed, tolerances/clearance, preload, friction, lubrication, bearing materials and other parameters.

In addition, as part of the update, the bearing catalog contains all available NSKHPS high-performance rolling bearing types, as well as information on Plummer Block and Neuweg products. The thermal reference speeds for cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings have also been updated.

Visitors can obtain it through the NSK online interactive e-book at www.nsk-literature.com/en/rolling-bearings (all NSK catalogs can be accessed as e-books on www.nsk-literature.com). If you like, you can also use a printed paper version. The new catalog is currently only available in English.